Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I take photographs on the property?

You may take photographs on the grounds after checking in at the Visitor Center and paying either our regular admission fee (for standard tourist photos) or our photography fee (for family, engagement, or formal photos).

During regular business hours, the photography fee is $35 flat.

For shoots after hours, there is an additional fee of $20 per hour after closing, and payment is required in advance.

Please see our Photography Page for more information about our policies, procedures, and fees, and to see if you are considered a photographer or not.

Do you have a gift shop?


          We have a large gift shop that features locally handcrafted goods including pottery, jams and jellies, honey, ornaments, t-shirts, and 19th century toys, as well as a large selection of children’s items affordable for a small budget, jewelry, books, toys, Sam Davis Home items and more! The gift shop is open during regular business hours.

If there is something in particular you are looking for,
don’t hesitate to give us a call.


how much walking is required for a regular tour?

          Once to the Visitor Center and Museum, you may peruse our 2,500 square foot museum at your leisure. The guided tour requires walking on mulched paths and grass across the backyard to the slave cabins and around to the front of the house. Inside the historic home, there is one flight of stairs with shallow steps and one narrow flight of stairs with somewhat steep steps. The tour ends with a walk through the courtyard and back to the Visitor Center. For guests that are not able to climb the stairs, a supplemental tour book is available.

          The Sam Davis Home is private property and as such, guests are only allowed on the property during regular business hours. All guests must check-in at the Visitor Center immediately upon entering the grounds. Admission is charged for the museum and guided tours of the home.

          There is no admission charge to walk the grounds, but guests MUST check-in and may not enter the fields without prior permission. Violators of either of the aforementioned policies may be prosecuted for trespassing.


Can I just walk around the property?


          We are a venue for all kinds of events from 5Ks to family reunions, from weddings and showers to yoga classes, and beyond. For party and meeting rentals, the Creek House is available for rent by the hour and includes a full kitchen, tables and chairs. The covered veranda, Visitor Center conference room, and grounds are also available. Wedding rentals include an all-day rental of the site and vary in price depending on the number of guests.

See Rentals page for more information,
or contact our Director of Marketing and Events to setup a time to view the property and receive detailed information.


Do you rent the property for Weddings, Parties, or Corporate Events?