Frequently Asked Rental Questions

Can I serve alcohol? 

Yes, the Sam Davis Home permits the serving of alcohol as long as there is a ABC licensed bartender to serve.

Can we bring our own food/vendors?

Yes, you are welcome to bring your own food or use any vendor you prefer.

What if it rains?

Indoor space is limited, in the event of rain. For parties of up to 50-100, we can accommodate your guests in indoor and/or covered spaces. For parties larger than 100 guests, we recommend having a tent reserved for your event. Murfreesboro Tent & Table Rental is our preferred vendor and can help you book your tent.

Is there enough parking?

Yes, the site has a large paved paring lot. We also have multiple parking fields to accommodate large parties.

Is the Historic Home available to rent?

The Historic Home is not available to rent as a party/wedding space. It is, however, able to be opened for tours during parties or weddings for an additional fee. This gives your guests an opportunity to take a self-guided ground floor tour of the home.