Field Trips

Year-Round Field Trips

Every field trip includes the following programs:

  • Museum & Video- Sam Davis: His Life, Legend, and Legacy (30-45 minutes)

  • House and Grounds Tour (45 minutes)

  • One of the add-on programs below which will include a hands on activity/craft (30-45 minutes)


Add On Options

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The Story of Cotton

Students will learn about the primary crop grown on the Davis farm including the process of growing cotton from seed to plant. This immersive experience allows a hands on approach to learning through de-seeding and hand carding cotton while also learning the process of spinning and weaving and the different roles cotton played and still plays in middle Tennessee and throughout the world. 

Grades 3rd and up.

Stepping Stones to Freedom

This program looks at the history of slavery in middle Tennessee and the connections to the Davis farm. Students will have the opportunity to learn about the daily lives of slaves that lived and worked on the Davis farm while also studying the history of the Underground Railroad and those who played a part in the journey to freedom, through hands on activities and crafts.   

Grades 3rd and up

Bullets, Bayonets & Boredom: The Life of a Common Soldier

Students will take an in-depth look at the day to day life of a Civil War soldier through a hands on experience of what it would have been like for a soldier both on the battlefield and in camp. This program explores what soldiers wore, ate, carried with them, daily camp life and much more.

Grades 3rd and up

Signed, Sealed, Delivered.

Step back in time and experience letter writing with a quill and ink. Discover the importance of primary source documents as you read a letter from our archives that was written by Sam Davis. Try your hand at 19th century letter writing techniques as you uncover details about people from the past to better understand their story.  

Grades 3rd and up


Tennessee History

Tennessee is full of beautiful plants, animals, places, and history! During this immersive program, students learn different aspects of middle Tennessee history such as state flowers, animals, Presidents from TN, fun trivia and so much more. Explore the rich history of our state through hands on activities, crafts and games.

Grades 3rd and up

Field Trip Admission

Students $8

Teachers FREE

Chaperones $10

Outreach program

Bring some excitement to your own classroom!

Invite the Sam Davis Home staff to present one of our popular Enrichment Programs to your students. This is the perfect option for winter months or limited field trip availability.

Outreach Programs are available within a 30-mile radius of Smyrna, Tennessee (includes Rutherford, Williamson, Davidson, Wilson, and Cannon counties). 

Outreach Programs $10 per student
$25 mileage fee for schools outside of the 30-mile radius.


Reserve your spot today!

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